Minimum Quantity to order for full carton: 8


1-1/4” Extension 

Use when you have a 1-1/4" receiver hitch.

This will reduce the standard 2" receiver base on the Garbage Hook down to fit a standard 1-1/4" receiver hitch.


This has two settings  for extending the working distance, an additional 4" or 8" in working depth.

Comes with a 5/8" bolt to secure the Garbage Hooks receiver base to the extension.


Heavy, 1/8” 11 gauge steel construction. Laser cut and formed for consistent quality, parts are powder coated with a matte black finish for a durable finish.


Your towing height will be determined by the height of your trailer ball hitch.

Normal working height is from 14” to 21”, allowing approximately 30% of the cans weight to be resting to the support arm.


  • Does not include receiver pin
  • This is design to work with Garbage Hook products only, will not fit other 2" hitches
  • Garbage Hooks are designed for towing, please do not back up with cans attached


For more details and information please visit the Directions section

1-1/4" Reducer with a 4" or 8" inch extension