• Great for ATV / UTVs, golf cars, and lawn tractors, that could use a standard 1-7/8" or 2" trail ball. 2” Ball works best
  • Works as ball mounted or bolt-on mounted
  • When using ball mounted, do not leave on without cans attached. The unit could swing  into the rear tires causing damage to the unit or vehicle 
  • Works on multiple surfaces: grass, gravel, uneven pavement, and even mud and snow
  • Cans can not come loose during transport  
  • No more lifting, loading or trying to hold onto them while driving them down the driveway 
  • Garbage Hooks are designed for towing, please do not back up with cans attached


The UBL-MT is ideal for when the vehicle is too low and it needs to be raised up higher than the ball height. This great two-in-one can either be a ball mounted or bolt mounted hook. With our Can Coupler, you can add multiple cans creating a train. 


Our garbage hauling device makes the unpleasant task of taking out your trash cans safe, easy, quick, no matter how bad the weather can make it.


Designed to tow today’s larger 64 and 96 gallon wheeled containers with ease. Install and remove in seconds, lightweight at only 4 lbs.


The cans handle rests into our patented mountain hook channel, pined into place using a quick removable PTO clip to prevent the cans from tipping out during transportation.


Heavy, 1/8” 11 gauge steel construction. Laser cut and formed for consistent quality, parts are powder coated with a matte black finish for a durable finish.


The ball mounted is ideal if you leave your trailer ball in the receiver hitch. Just unfasten the PTO clip when you're done and clip it back on when you need it. Easily change it from vehicle to vehicle. 


Your towing height will be determined by the height of your trailer ball hitch.

Normal working height is from 14” to 21”, allowing approximately 30% of the cans weight to be resting to the support arm.


The UBL-MT will raise the operating height 8" and extends it out an additional 8" beyond the attaching point of the towed vehicle. 


Our UBL-MT can carrier can also be used as a bolt-on mounted hook as well as ball mounted. The operating weight on the hook is 75 lbs.


Single can units have a 12" support arm length, and hooks that lock the cans handle in place, adjustable from 9" to 10" inside widths.


For more details and information please visit the Directions section

Ball or Bolt Single Can Mounted Mountain Hook