The Garbage Strap™ is great for people who leave their garbage cans outside. They help in bad weather, even when your garbage can tips over. They are also great at keeping out unwanted pests.


If you are one that uses one of our garbage hooks, they are a great way to help keep your lids down if your cans are overloaded or if you just want to make sure your lid and trash are secure during the transport.



The Garbage strap length is Min 30 inches / Max 51 inches. 

The strap of the Garbage Strap™ can be adjusted to fit your standard city garbage can lids.

  • No tools / no drilling
  • Use on multiple types and sizes of garbage cans
  • Keep the lid closed
  • Keep rain, cats, dogs, and any other animals out, and keep the trash in 
  • Garbage will not be scattered on the ground



  • The Garbage Strap™ is made with just one non-mechanical parts.  
  • The Heavy duty tri-glide means it is fully adjustable and can fit all sizes of wheeled garbage cans.
  • No Parts, No Tools
  • Universal Fit
  • 4” Loop for easy access for hook



  • Very simple to fit without having to drill or stick parts to your garbage can, It simply wraps around any configuration of your cans handle 
  • Can be tied to the lids lip or rear wheel axle, making the opening of the lid easy and safe for the waste collector



  • The Commercial grade elastic 2-inch webbing bands are made of polyester and rubber latex thread, with strong elasticity and flexibility, which is durable and has long-lasting effectiveness that can be used indoors or outdoors, eliminating concerns of drying out or rotting from exposure to inclement weather.
  • Military-grade plastic tri-glide slides.
  • 16 gauge steel, textured powder coated hook.



Use a Garbage Strap™ and its contents are secure, holding the lid down in windy conditions, keeping material in the cans during transport, assists closure even when overfull, and keeps pests and vermin out.



There are many reasons why straps for garbage cans are a great idea, with one of the most common being to act as a deterrent against others who put their waste in your bin.


It's there when you need it!


Proposition 65 Warning for California Customers

Avertissement Proposition 65 pour les clients de la Californie

 WARNING: This product can expose you to 4,4’-Methylenedianiline, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm

Garbage Strap™