• Great for cars, trucks, ATV / UTVs, golf cars, and lawn tractors, that have a standard 2” or 1 1/4” receiver hitch
  • Works on multiple surfaces: grass, gravel, uneven pavement, and even mud and snow  
  • No more lifting, loading or trying to hold onto them while driving them down the driveway
  • Cans can not come loose during transport
  • Does not include receiver pin
  • Garbage Hooks are designed for towing, please do not back up with cans attached


The SR-MT is ideal for when you have one can or an odd number of cans (I.E 3 cans). With our Can Coupler, you can add multiple cans creating a train. If you have even numbers, 2, 4, check out our DR-MT.


Our garbage hauling device makes the unpleasant task of taking out your trash cans safe, easy, quick, no matter how bad the weather can make it.


Designed to tow today’s larger 64 and 96 gallon wheeled containers with ease. Install and remove in seconds, lightweight at only 6 lbs. 


Our patented top swivel bracket restricts the arm from swing more than 24 degrees in either direction. The swiveling top rail allows containers to trail around curves without binding, making a smooth trouble-free way to get trash down a winding driveway.


The cans handle rests into our patented mountain hook channel, pined into place using a quick removable PTO clip to prevent the cans from tipping out during transportation.


Heavy, 1/8” 11 gauge steel construction. Laser cut and formed for consistent quality, parts are powder coated with a matte black finish for a durable finish.


With the 2” receiver mount you can take it on and off with ease or just leave it on for the return trip. For 1 2/4” receivers see our reducer.


Normal working height is from 14” to 21”, allowing approximately 30% of the cans weight to be resting to the support arm.


Adjustable upright adds 2”, 4” & 6” of additional height above the receiver hitch, and extends out 8”.


Single can units have a 12" support arm length, and hooks that lock the cans handle in place, adjustable from 9" to 10" inside widths.


For more details and information please visit the Directions section

Single Can Receiver Mounted Hook

  • Q: In the last photo it’s attached to an Ezgo golf cart. Does this replace the safety bar? How does it attach?

    A: The Single-Can receiver mounted trash hauler is attached to any vehicle that has a 2” or 1-1/4” reciter hitch. I’m not sure what and where the safety bar is located. Neighbor purchase a small bolt-on hitch that bolted under the rear step platform. Wish I could attach a picture, the website shows golf carts using the receiver mounted hitches


    Q: Does it work with Toter garbage containers?

    A: Yes, we have not found a problem with Toter since we have changed the Mountain Hook set up. 


    Q: I’m worried about the hinge swivel point breaking under heavy loads! Is there a warranty?

    A: Yes, we have a 30 day no questions asked warranty. Keep in mind the “average” waste produced by the average family of 4 is 80 pounds. We do not suggest hauling manure, compost, or anything really dense. We have seen it before, just be careful. 


    Q: Do you recommend a dual can hitch adapter or a single can adapter with a can coupler?

    A: If you have an odd amount of trash cans every other week then we suggest the single. For example if you have one can one week and two cans the following week the single units are the best option. If you had two cans and then four cans, the double would be the better option.


    Q: Does the double garbage can hauling device come with a receiver pin?

    A: No, the receiver mounted hooks do not come standard with a receiver pin. We do offer them under the accessories section.


    Q: Can I back up with my cans attached?

    A: No, our garbage can hauling hooks are designed to be pulled. Never back up with cans attached.


    Q: I have a 32 gallon trash can. Does this work for me?

    A: The 32 gal containers are lower and depending on the receiver hitch height they might not tilt at the right angle. An easy way to see measures the receiver height and add 2" this will be where the arm for hauling would be set. If you have 14" at a minimum height then you should be able to use this. 


    Q: Would this work to go down a hill without trash can spilling or unhitching?

    A: Unhitching yes. Spilling all depends on how much you fill your garbage can. You can always use a bungee to help secure the lid down. There are other companies that make straps as well. 


    Q: what is the inside dimension of the Mountain hooks channel area? (i. e. - how large can O.D. of the hinge area of the tote be?)

    A: The I.S. dimensions are 1-5/8" wide x 1-1/4" tall. The hook is 1" wide. The can handle can be a max diameter of 1-1/4"  - also see specs


    More Questions and Answers can be found here FAQ

    • 3 different height settings, adds 2", 4" & 6"
    • adjustable support arm, 9" to 10" inside widths
    • extends out 8”
    • 11ga Steel 
    • Light weight, 6 lbs
    • Powder coated
    • Cans can not come loose durning transport
    • Great for hauling one or an odd number of cans every week
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