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  • SAFE: No toxins, no masking, no perfumes, just naturally powerful

  • TRUSTED: Garbage Commander's Odor Commander formula is a powerful odor eliminator that has been trusted by industry professionals for years, and is now available for home use. Get the odor out at the source!

  • STOPS ODORS: Odor Commander stops odors, making composting and garbage much easier to manage. Odor Commander will remove unpleasant odors from trash bins, compost, garbage cans, and much more

  • ELIMINATES ODORS: Eliminates household odors

  • ECOLOGO/UL: Certified: Certified with the EcoLogo UL program, one of North America's environmental Standard and certification marks

  • HELP STOP ODORS: Unlike perfumes that simply mask odors, Odor Commander stops odors at the source, making composting and garbage much easier to manage


Technology provided by Sci Corp.

Odor Commander

All Natural, Fast Acting, Powerful Odor Control Spray 22oz 

In a Lemongrass Scent

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