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LaMalco is a company that specializes in garbage hitches for 64 & 96 gallon wheeled trash cans.

Why LaMalco?


  • Possible 60% GP

  • 4 Different Dealer Programs

  • Offer your customers something unique and life changing

We have several options for companies just like yours with inventory and programs tailored to you and your product lines. 

Full Carton

60% Margins

Stock full cartons of a product and get the biggest bang for your buck!

Broken Carton

54% Margins

Mix & match in small quantities, great when you want a little bit of everything. 


45% Margins -

Best deal out there. -

You sell it and we ship it! No overhead no headaches.


Make a commission

??%  Each is special and unique to each customer.


The dropship program has to be the easiest and best starter program especially if you have an online presents. 

Have a display or two or just put it on your website. 


Little to no cost at all! NO overhead, NO inventory, just quick and easy money.

Your order it from our site with a personalized discount code, and we ship it. 


You never have to see it or worry about it. 

Online Stats

Amazon Stats - Online Dealers

  • Online Stats (Updated 1.27.21)

  • 4.7 Rating

  • 91% Positive Rating

  • ODR - 0% (Order Defect Rate)

  • OTDR - 95.28% (On-Time Delivery Rate)

  • LSR - 0% (Late Shipment Rate)

  • VTR - 99.61% (Valid Tracking Rate)

  • 5 Star Rating on FaceBook

  • Over 200 Reviews (Amazon, Google, Website and Facebook)

Trash can hauling devise.jpg

What makes us


  • Most manufacturers only have a single can set up, so you have to make multiple trips. Still making it a burden on trash day.

  • All companies only offer ONE way to attach their hooks, limiting the types of vehicles they can use. We offer 4

  • “3 little bears” Not too heavy, not too expensive…our hooks are just right!

  • Multiple Cans - Very few with a “piggyback” system - The Can Coupler 

  • Affordable - Most affordable, Universal Hook out there!​

  • We are here to help, before, during, and after the sale. 

  • Whether it's a phone call or email we are here to help with any questions you may have. 

  • We provide instructions and videos to help customers assemble and use our products as well as other videos that would show tips.

  • Most Flexible on the Market - Over 4 styles to fit most vehicles

  • All Vehicles - Only company that offers more than just a ball or receiver attachment 

1_0_GIF_2 3.GIF

Easy to use

Simply tilt the cans into place and secure.

No more lifting, dragging, or hauling that big wheeled trash can down your long or steep driveway once a week to the designated pick up point.

Do things differently! 

Where most companies have one mounting style, we have 4 different mounting Styles

BM-MT Front.png
UBL-BA png.png

Receiver Mounted

Ball Mounted

Bumper Mounted

Bolt Mounted

Features and Benefits

  • No Lifting - Simply Tilt with minimal efforts 

  • Easy On, Easy Off - Easily attaches and detaches from vehicles

  • Time Saver - No walking cans down, taking multiple trips, tying your cans to your vehicle’s hitch

  • Performance - Swiveling top rail allows trash bin to trail around curves  (DR & SR)

  • Outside elements - Your inside your vehicle, not walking down the driveway

  • Stay Clean - Only tilt your cans onto your hook, attach and go and back into your vehicle 

  • Simple To Use - Easy, simple, and quick way to get your cans to the curb

  • Safer - No more hanging out the window or having the kids hold on to the cans 

  • Choice - YOU choose when you want to use it or take advantage of a nice day 

  • Adjustable - To accommodate most trash cans AND vehicles  

  • Most Flexible on the Market - Over 6 styles to fit most vehicles

  • All Vehicles - Only company that offers more than just a ball or receiver attachment 

  • Multiple Cans - Very few with a “piggyback” system - The Can Coupler 

  • Affordable - Most affordable, Universal Hook out there! - $1.44 a week (SB-MT) 

  • Light Weight - 5-10 lbs.

  • 11 Gauge Steel

  • Powder-coated 

  • Patented Design - #9,566,837B1, #9,789,741B1, #D888,644S 

  • MADE IN THE USA - Janesville, WI

  • Proven Since 2015, over 10,000+ units sold

Garbage Commander #masterthecan.jpg

No Worry Warranty

We handle it all. If there are any issues they can contact us and we will take care of them! 100% 

  • 30 days full money back

  • 60 days, 20% restocking 

Pay for Product, Not Packaging

  • Our packaging arrives in our “no-frills” box instead of plastics and fancy printing which would otherwise wind up in the landfills.  

  • We hope you will join us in preserving our world for future generations.

  • Pay for Product, Not Packaging! This way we can keep your cost as low as possible

  • 99% Recyclable

  • Dealers have a choice on the labeling they need. 


  • Your product solved a big problem for me, I pulled those damn cans 600 yards twice before your product arrived. Frankly, if I hadn't found a solution I don't know if I would still be living here. I haven't even had to tighten one of the lock nuts and am shocked the bungee cords haven't broken yet.

John B - 22 Aug 2020  


  • I am 66 years old and I can't drag the cans uphill a tenth of a mile to the pickup anymore. Garbage Commander has been a godsend. I now easily drive the cans up without any problem. Garbage Commander has kept me independent of asking for help with the cans. I hope to be doing this when I'm 100!

Bruce - 21 Aug 2020


  • Love our garbage commander. We live in the snow belt and our driveway is over 600 feet long. The garbage commander is awesome and so easy to use.

C Johnson - 12 Feb 2020  


  • Thank you for providing this ingenious garbage can hook up! It has helped me tremendously and I appreciate it!              

Laurie D - 2 Mar 2020

  • I live in a rural area and have a gravel driveway just shy of a 1/4 mile long. The garbage commander attachment makes it very easy to hook the trash bin to the hitch in a matter of seconds so I can tow it down the driveway to the road for pickup. It is a quality design and build that makes trash day easy.

Dave - 14 Aug 2019

Great for all kinds of vehicles









Golf Cars

Golf Cars



If you are interested please fill out the Dealer Request Form
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